Holoholo hammock


The first portable folding hammock from Hawaii


  • The netting and frame are made of durable materials.

  • Weight capacity 360 pounds (160kg)

  • The frame junction is protected with a soft plastic cover to prevent injury.



  • It can be easily carried around using the carrying case.

  • Assembly is simple, and through adjustment of the angle of the pipes and the tension of the netting, you can set it to your preferred position.

Outstanding Design

  • A relaxing color, with an underlying brown tone.

  • The edge of the netting sets a tropical atmosphere with a jackfruit wood bar.

  • Fits in elegantly not just outdoors, but also in living rooms and lanais.

Holoholo means to go out for pleasure.


How to 

How to get on

  1. Straddle the product while ensuring your feet do not get  tangled in the netting.

  2. Sit down slowly while spreading the netting with both hands.

  3. With your feet still on the ground, slowly lay down from the waist up.

  4. Slowly bring your feet up and ensure that your body is centered in the netting.

How to get off

When getting off, hold both sides of the netting.  After slowly lowering your feet to the ground, sit up and then stand.

Coral Sand

Coral Sand


Free Shipping

the Continental United States  (included Hawaii), Canada and Japan only

Coconut Brown

Coconut Brown


Free Shipping

the Continental United States  (included Hawaii), Canada and Japan only


The key to anti-aging is to stimulate the otolith

According to NASA's research, the movement of "otolith" in the inner part of the ear activates the surrounding muscles and autonomic nerves (controlling internal organs and blood vessels)...



"Slow swaying" promotes sleep and leads to a deep sleep

According to a study by several neurologists including Prof. Sophie Schwartz from the University of Geneva and others, "Slow swaying" was shown to promote sleep and prolong the duration of non- REM sleep (deep sleep)...



Back pain-friendly hammock

Back pain is often thought to be caused by weight being applied to a certain point. The body tries to overcome by rolling over, but by sleeping in a hammock, the body weight is distributed well so back pain can be relieved and at the same time, sleep obstruction caused by rolling over (reduction of spindle waves) can also be reduced...





Holoholo hammock uses safe and secure Japan-made bearings to provide a smooth swaying movement.





Product details

  • Hammock Color : COCONUT BROWN & CORAL SAND

  • Frame Color : Lumpy Brown

  • Easy To Assemble - 1 minute to set-up without any tools

  • Easy to Use - very easy to hook and unhook the hammock

  • No welding joints, replaced by 2 drill holes (2 adjustment steps), preventing scratch from collision.

  • Soft black plastic cap: covers the prop, keeps the prop not to be slipped out, and creates more secured endurance while lying.

Hammock bed is L79 x W52-Inch

- Carrying case is 46 x 8 x 8-Inch

- Using size is 102 x 30 x 32 -Inch

- Weight (full set) 21lbs

- Frame: Steel, Netting: Polyester

  Carrying Case: Polyester, Wooden bar: Jackfruit Wood



 Designed in HAWAII


We hope that you may live a life of supreme happiness !!


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*Kupulau Hawaii
*Navy EXchange Pearl Harbor
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